This week we welcomed our new staff member Todd Wynn Director of Governmental Affairs.  From 2019 through February of 2024, Todd was the Senior Government Affairs Representative for Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest electric utility. For nearly five years, Todd represented the company before the Governor’s office, the State Legislature, and numerous state agencies in Arizona while also holding positions on organizational boards and committees such as the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona Tax Research Association, The Arizona Rock Products Association, and the Utilities State Government Organization.   Welcome aboard Todd!


Legislative Update

1629 bills have been filed and AZAGC continues to monitor 523, although many of these are no longer moving.  During the last few weeks both chambers concentrated on sending bills to the other.  Known as crossover week, this step reduces the number of bills because bills not sent to the other chamber are “dead”.  However, this is also when the most mischief occurs because “dead” bills can find a home on those that are still alive.  AZAGC monitors amendments to bills we are watching closely.


Great news!  SB1054 state construction project delivery methods (Carroll) passed the Arizona State Senate unanimously 27-0.  This bill extends authority to use design build, construction manager at risk and job order contracting to the year 2030.  The current expiration date for these procurement methods is 2025, which means these delivery methods will not longer be allowed for use by the state, counties, cities and other political subdivisions of the state after June or December of 2025.  The bill is schedule to be heard next week in House Transportation and Infrastructure.


AZAGC testified on behalf of ADOT’s continuation.  Two bills advancing through the chambers are in conflict.  HB2037 department of transportation; continuation (Cook) passed out of the chamber, grants a simple extension for eight years while SB1184 continuation; department of transportation (Farnsworth) grants an extension until January 1, 2027.  The senate bill also adds numerous provisions requiring the department to concentrate its planning efforts on congestion mitigation and facility expansion.


HCR2060 lawful presence; e-verify program; penalties (Toma) is a bill that originally required contractors to monitor and track their subcontractors and independent contractors regarding their legal status when performing work in Arizona.  AZAGC worked with Speaker Ben Toma to make the bill more manageable for our members.  Contractors are now only required to confirm firms are licensed in Arizona and once this is done, that confirmation will carryover to future projects.


Failed in House Government.  HB2190 prohibited agreements; public works contracts (Representative Cook) – If a city or county decides to do so, allows them to require mandatory project labor agreements for public works construction.


SB1056 municipalities; counties; fee increases; vote (Petersen) prohibits the common council of a municipality and county from increasing an assessment, tax or fee without a two-thirds vote of the common council of the municipality. Declares the regulation of increases in municipal or county assessments, taxes and fees to be a matter of statewide concern and preempts further regulation by a municipality or county. This bill passed the Senate on partisan vote and is headed to the House.


Thank you to Representative David Cook for attempting to ensure electric vehicles pay their fair share for using Arizona’s roads and streets.  Representative Cook was able to get HB2866 electric vehicle; registration fee to the house floor where it failed 35-24.  The bill would have created a $135 annual registration fee for motor vehicles that are fueled by alternative fuel and that are incapable of operating on any other type of fuel.


Proposition 479 Kicks-off! 

The Arizona Chapter AZAGC was front-and—center the Connect Maricopa kick-off February 27th.  Governor Katie Hobbs along with numerous mayors and city council members  were in attendance.  To date, the campaign has raised $1.1 million and we expect the business community will chip in much more to make the campaign a success.  More to come as we move toward election day in November.


City of Phoenix Heat Mitigation Proposal

The City of Phoenix is proposing a heat mitigation ordinance that requires contractors to create a heat safety and mitigation plan.  The proposed ordinance requires any company with city a contract to provide adequate cool drinking water, necessary breaks, shade, “access” to air conditioning, etc.  AZAGC members provide a safe environment workplace and follow the OSHA and ADOSH requirements.  We said the ordinance is redundant and unnecessary.

Click here to view AZAGC Response to COP Heat Mitigation Ordinance