Contractor Membership

Why Should Contractors Join AZAGC?

AZAGC is the oldest and most influential construction association in Arizona. Since 1934, Arizona contractors, suppliers and service providers have relied on AZAGC to support their businesses and build relationships that matter. We provide a forum for members to engage in organized and cooperative efforts to expand markets, protect their interests, and shape the future of the construction industry.


Build a Better Future for Your Business

Our Contractor membership is offered to any general contractor, subcontractor or specialty contractor engaged in highway and transportation, federal, heavy, industrial and utility construction. AZAGC provides a full range of services and programs to satisfy the needs and concerns of our members. We encourage any employee of a member firm to get engaged in the association and we offer personal guidance to help you maximize your membership benefits.

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member, you will have the benefit of AZAGC’s decades of experience supporting the construction industry in Arizona.

  • Advocacy
  • Workforce Development Solutions
  • DOL-approved Apprenticeship Programs
  • Education and Training
  • Union Labor Relations
  • Committees
  • Young Constructors Forum
  • Social Events
  • AGC of America Benefits
  • Member Discount Programs

Contractor Membership Dues

Based On Annual Gross Sales Volumes in Arizona

Annual Sales Volume

Less than $2,000,000

$2,000,000 – $5,000,000

$5,000,000 – $10,000,000

$10,000,000 – $20,000,000

$20,000,000 – $45,000,000

Over $45,000,000






















*AGCA Franchise Fee varies from year-to-year.
Dues and payments made to the Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. are not deductible as a charitable contribution. However, payments may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Please consult your tax advisor for details. In addition, AGC of America dues may be deducted as a business expense, but not as a charitable contribution.

Member Discount Program

The AGC Member Discount Program offers discounts on a wide range of products and services from leading brands. These discounts are designed to help our members save money and improve their daily business operations.


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The Construction Association of Choice

The association’s strong legislative advocacy makes a big difference in our industry and our communities. Having one collective voice to address industry challenges is much more effective than individual companies trying to do it on their own.

Rick Rummel, President and CEO

Since becoming a member of AZAGC in 2002, I quickly learned the integrity and core values that AZAGC strives to meet every day and I am proud to be a part of an organization that truly leads the way for the construction industry. I have built valuable relationships with fellow contractors, key stakeholders and affiliates. The association has not only provided opportunities for myself but also for my company with the valuable training and education they have to offer. It’s been an honor serving on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Chapter.

Tom Drysdale, President

Fann Contracting has been a member of AZAGC since 1996. We are grateful for our relationship with this statewide industry leader. Being a part of the association allows us to collaborate with our competitors to solve industry challenges. Whether it’s the Arizona Department of Transportation, Yavapai County, the legislature, or the administration, we can count on AZAGC to advocate on behalf of the entire industry.

Jason Fann, President and Chief Operating Officer

As a former chairman of AZAGC and current life director, I have intimate knowledge of the value AZAGC brings to the state of Arizona. The board of directors and staff work hard to ensure the interests of our industry are advanced and protected. AZAGC is at the tip of the spear on major public policy issues impacting our members and it takes seriously the responsibility to make Arizona a better place.

Gary Haydon, President

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