Our committees are the heart of the association’s business and we encourage any employee of a member company to join a committee. Our committees meet regularly to address industry issues, exchange information and ideas, and stay on top of industry trends. Joining a committee is an effective way to get engaged in the association, plug into the topics that matter to your company, stay informed and have your voice heard. Many committees are appropriate for agency and municipal partners to join.

To learn more or to a committee, email or call 602-252-3926

Current Standing Committees

Affiliate Affairs

Develops and maintains communication among contractor members and affiliated support industries and professionals. Committee members organize events for the chapter throughout the year to provide opportunities for networking, education and social interaction; members also assist in the planning of annual chapter events.

Alternate Project Delivery Methods (APDM)
AZAGC/ARPA Asphalt Paving and Technical
Employment Practices advisory group

This committee involves affiliate and contractor members as well as agency members in discussion of practical human resource issues and effective resolution methods.


Established in 2001, the goal of this committee is to represent AGC members in private development by addressing issues that affect their business operations. Current issues before the committee include prompt pay,construction defects, contract language and insurance.

Arizona Construction Safety council

Develops and disseminates safety information and oversees related training and educational programs. Participants of this committee include chapter contractor and affiliate members, State Mine Inspector, MSHA, ADOT, OSHA, Arizona Public Service (APS), Arizona Blue Stake, etc.

Environmental professionals council

Learn the latest environmental/regulatory developments likely to impact the way you do business. Committee members will learn about breaking issues to ensure their company operations are in compliance.

Young Constructors Forum

This dynamic committee is for contractor and affiliate members between the ages of 28 and 40.  The committee organizes leadership, educational, philanthropic and social events for the industry’s up-and-coming leaders.  Committee members are also responsible for technology outreach for the association and must be nominated by a company principal. 

workforce development & apprenticeship trust

AGC Joint Cooperative Committees