Our Team

We are passionate about advancing the construction industry in Arizona

Our board of directors is composed of experienced leaders who bring diverse expertise and perspectives to provide direction and oversight to protect the interests of the association and cultivate a commitment to the greater good of the construction industry. Our professional staff are sought after as the go-to people in the construction industry for our reliable information and insights.

2024 Executive Committee

Steve Campbell - Pulice

Steve Campbell

Stan Driver - Kiewit

Stan M. Driver

Immediate Past Chairmain
Tom Drysdale - DBA

Tom Drysdale

First Vice Chairman
Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter

Second Vice Chairman
Tony Hakes - CBIZ MHM

Tony Hakes

GittingsLegal - NE74856

Robert Roos

Legal Councel

Robert Roos

Lewis Roca

2024 Directors

Tom Billings

Tom Billings

Chuck English -Hunter

Chuck English

Jason Fann - Fann Contracting

Jason Fann

Todd Hill - Granite

Todd Hill

Tracy Hughes - BeachFleischman

Tracy Hughes

Tracy Hughes

Bryan Kalbfleisch - Sunland

Bryan Kalbfleisch

Mike Markham - Markham

Mike Markham Jr.

Jerry Miller - Ames

Jerry Miller

Cade Rowley 2024

Cade Rowley

Rick Rummel 2024

Rick Rummel

Cliff Spickler

Cliff Spickler

Cliff Spickler

INSURICA Southwest
Dan Spitza - Achen-Gardner

Dan Spitza


Pete Thompson

Executive Staff

David Martin


David Martin

Patty Demers cropped

Patty Demers

Director of Industry Relations/Member Engagement

Patty Demers


Corey Foster

Director of Workforce Development

Corey Foster


Patricia Krampe

Office Manager

Patricia Krampe


Life Directors

AZAGC bestows upon its members the title of Life Director for those who have served as Chairman of the association. Life Directors are revered because of the generous contribution they have made to the association and the construction industry, as well as the knowledge and experience they impart to future leaders of the association. Below is a list of our Life Directors and the year(s) they served as Chairman of the association.

Contact Information

Address: 1825 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Office: (602) 252-3926