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The leading voice of the construction industry in Arizona. The AZAGC is one of the most visible orgaizations in Arizona politics. We partner with strategic allies, experts and activists to find common sense solutions to construction industry issues. We stand ready to fight any law, rule or precedent that threatens our indsutry.

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The goal of AZAGC PAC is to give contractor members a collective voice in the election of candidates for elected office. Through this effort, AZAGC PAC advances the legislative priorities of the construction industry by helping to elect the political candidates most likely to support those priorities.

We Build Arizona

ationThe AZAGC is partnering with a number of other associs to increase awareness of the importance of infrastructure investment in Arizona. Known as We Build Arizona, the organization will work diligently to protect and expand revenue intended for infrastructure. AZAGC encourages all members of our industry to participate and donate to help our cause. Contributions or gifts to We Build Arizona are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

HardHats for Highways

AZAGC is a proud supporter of HardHats for Highways. Tens of thousands of construction workers rely on federal transportation funding to keep working. But unless Congress acts, the Highway Trust Fund will go broke as early as this summer, forcing states to cut highway bid lettings, putting thousands of construction jobs at risk.