The Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AZAGC), the Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA), and the Associated Minority Contractors of Arizona (AMCA), along with our attorneys at the Goldwater Institute who represented us, are pleased to announce a significant legal victory against the City of Phoenix and the City of Tucson regarding the prevailing wage ordinance. The court has ruled in favor of the construction organizations, affirming their stance against the ordinance. The judge struck down both prevailing wage ordinances in their entirety, holding they violated the state law prohibition on prevailing wage ordinances. We now urge the cities to cease wasting taxpayer money on further legal pursuits.

David Martin, President of AZAGC, stated: “We are thrilled with the court’s decision, which upholds the principles of a free market and removes unnecessary burdens from contractors. We encourage the City of Phoenix and the City of Tucson to accept this ruling and avoid further wasting taxpayer money on appeals.”

The Arizona construction industry stands united in celebrating this victory and calls for the cities to recognize the court’s decision and cease further legal challenges. The organizations believe that taxpayer money can be better spent on positive and constructive initiatives for the community.

Download the Court’s Decision