City of Tempe is Proposing Mandatory Sick-leave for Private-sector Employers

December 8, 2015

Social activists and unions have proposed a draft ordinance that will require employers within the City of Tempe to offer paid sick-leave to their employees. They are leveraging council action, through the threat of an initiative, to implement the measure. If they are not successful with the council, they are determined to place it on Tempe’s November, 2016 ballot.

The proposed ordinance will require all employers to offer paid sick-time to full-time, part-time and temporary employees if they work over 80 hours a year. Sick-time can be used to care for family members, domestic partners or any other person related by affinity that is equivalent of a family relationship. Businesses signed to a collective bargaining agreement are exempt.

Click here for more details and to read our position statement.  

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