AZAGC Opposes Tucson's Resolution on Border Wall

June 12, 2017

Phoenix – The Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. (AZAGC) is strongly opposed to the City of Tucson’s recent passage of Resolution 22763.  The resolution says:

“…the Mayor and Council intend to require the disclosure by companies of their involvement with the border wall prior to City investment in those companies.”

“15. The City of Tucson does not wish to be associated with any company that participates in the design, construction, or financing of the border wall in any way.”

“Section 4.  The Mayor and Council hereby expresses its intent to identify all companies involved with the designing, building, or financing of the border wall and its intent to divest, as soon as practicable, from those companies.”

“It is clear from the resolution’s language that any company remotely involved in any part of the wall’s design or construction could be in peril of either losing work with the city or being barred from performing work with the city,” AZAGC President David Martin said.  Martin followed by saying, “We intend to vigorously oppose implementation of these provisions of the resolution.  If necessary, we will ask the Arizona Legislature and Congress to take action against cities and counties that use public funds to drive a political agenda against the private-sector. All options are on the table to stop the city’s exclusionary practice and social-engineering clearly intended to stop the private-sector from responding to opportunities that will allow law-abiding companies to bid work for other owners.”  AZAGC is currently seeking legal advice on whether the resolution violates the commerce clause of the constitution. 

The Arizona Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. (AZAGC), chartered in 1934, is a not-for-profit association of general contractors, subcontractors, and other construction industry affiliated firms engaged in highway, transportation, heavy civil, industrial, federal, municipal and utility construction.  Since our inception, AZAGC has been instrumental in bringing about economic and key infrastructure in Arizona through involvement in legislative affairs, specification reviews, labor matters, highway budgeting and appropriations, education and training, and many other subjects of importance to AGC members statewide.

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