AZAGC Joins Mayors, Supervisors and Business Leaders Seeking an End to HURF Transfers

January 19, 2016

Since 2001, over $1.9 billion of dedicated funding has been transferred from Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) to pay for other government programs. In fact, this annual practice of diverting gas tax and other supposedly dedicated revenues for transportation increased last year. $141 million was diverted from much needed infrastructure investment. While the governor's proposed budget lowers the transfers by $35 million in fiscal year 2017 we urge the legislature to stop these funding transfers.

Taxpayers have a right to expect dedicated funding to be used for its intended purpose particularly when that purpose is of such importance to the state's ecconomy. ADOT has determined, and the Auditor General has reaffirmed that a $63 billion funding gap exists between needs and revenues just on the state transportation system. Local road networks in cities, towns and counties, the entire letter and see other local leaders that agree with AZAGC's position.

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