Government Affairs & Voter Tools

At AZAGC, governmental affairs play a large role in our service to our members. We believe working with elected officials on industry issues is the key to success for the future of construction. Following are some main issues, AZAGC is working on.

  • Protect transportation funding: Funds for highway construction continues to be raided as a “quick fix” for legislators, as an industry we must protect these funds to ensure future transportation projects are not in jeopardy.
  • Streamline environmental requirements for a reasonable and effective practice.
  • Eliminate regulatory burdens in order to cut project costs and speed up construction schedules.
  • Create a fair tax structure to not overburden business owners and stunt economic growth in Arizona. One of the keys to this is a reduction in business property taxes.
  • Renewable energy is the future for business in Arizona and AZAGC is working to ensure a smooth transition. At AZAGC, we believe reasonable oversight and creating uniform city ordinances to expedite the application process will help to build Arizona as the “Saudi Arabia of solar”.

Legislative Program

Our members benefit from AZAGC’s active participation in the legislative process at the local, state and federal levels affecting economic and infrastructure development. AZAGC originates and coordinates support for bills favorable to the industry, while also opposing unfavorable legislation. During legislative session, weekly updates on current legislation are sent to members through email alerts and updates to our website.