Elected officials at all levels of government make decisions that directly impact the construction industry in our state.

AZAGC PAC is an essential part of our legislative influence at the State Capitol and local City halls. The goal of AZAGC PAC is to give contractor members a collective voice in the election of candidates for elected office. Through this effort, AZAGC PAC advances the legislative priorities of the construction industry by helping to elect the political candidates most likely to support those priorities.

Therefore, we need your help to make sure construction friendly candidates are voted into office!

What is the AZAGC PAC?

The AZAGC Political Action Committee (PAC) was established to actively support state and local candidates who share the principles and priorities as AZAGC. The focus of the AZAGC PAC will be to assist construction-friendly candidates who seek elected office.

The AZAGC PAC is not affiliated with any political party and is non-partisan in its support of candidates. The AZAGC PAC is funded by individual contributions and by transfers from other business PACs.

Why Contribute to the AZAGC PAC?

By supporting AZAGC PAC, you increase the industry’s ability to advance construction and economic growth to enhance the quality of life for all Arizonans. Because the AZAGC PAC can influence the immediate environment in which you operate your business, we need your support today! 

2014 Contribution Limits

To view the 2014 Contribution Limits for Primary and General Elections, please click here.

Who Can Contribute to the AZAGC PAC?

The AZAGC PAC accepts contributions from individuals only.  By law, corporations cannot make contributions to the AZAGC PAC. Please note: Contributions to the AZAGC PAC are not tax deductible.

OR Individual/ Personal Contributions can be mailed to:

AZAGC Political Action Committee
ID# 199802173
1825 West Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ  85007

Please note: Contributions to AZAGC PAC are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are prohibited.   State and Federal Political Action Committees may transfer an unlimited amount of funds, as long as the Committees are registered in Arizona. If you have questions, please call our office at (602) 252-3926 or email David Martin (dmartin@azagc.org).