September 17, 2014 

Dear Mayor Stanton, 
Re: Council Policy Meeting 

We are requesting a policy meeting of the Mayor and Council for a discussion on the status of our aging infrastructure in Phoenix. 

Due to the recession, the City of Phoenix has reduced needed infrastructure funding in order to cope with short-term needs. The recession is now over and this year Phoenix will realize its highest revenues in history.  It is time to discuss what can be done to advance critical infrastructure projects. The recent storms are just a reminder of what can happen if we are not forward-thinking. Replacing and upgrading critical infrastructure is necessary for the long-term viability of our city and for job creation. 

Upgrading our critical infrastructure sends a strong message to business owners and citizens. We look forward to a response to this request and to scheduling a meeting with the entire council to discuss infrastructure needs. We believe it is now time to examine shifting dollars back to infrastructure without raising taxes. 

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